form@fix'ing, the first page

Welcome to form@fix, the inter-platform, home-fixing tool.

First Example - to write the text "Heaveno, World!"

\F "fixDef.htm"
\F "fixDC.htm"
\F "fixLib.htm"
\r! write.azText=	\'Heaveno, World!\r\n\0'

\F@ fixStArt
	\F@ az.write
	\_ ExitApp
\F== ''


To reveal how-and-why this does work, there is the program-guide. There is a facilities-reference, too, for a ferreting of the intricacies, facility-by-facility.

For any form@fix program, the form@fix interpreter is needed. In most cases, there is a need for a platform-wrapper, too. e.g: For an MS-DOS .com file, the fixDC.htm. For ease, place each referred file at the folder/dir where form@fix is to run.

For an immediate action, feed this page to the interpreter, as

fix  fix.htm

or, within the interpreter, frame this page as

\F fix.htm

This page does fit, although most lines do not relate to form@fix, at all. The reason is that, form@fix does neglect each line whichever does not start with a facility.

The resulting binary,, as well as the form@fix interpreter itself, are for running with any platform - if that platform would run DOS-in-a-box, e.g: Windows.

Further Reading

This page is with an example. There are more. Find them, in the form@fix exemplary

The form@fix Reference is with the facilities, to facilitate crafting.

form@fix is a glorified byte-editor, for the byte-craft - with little-or-no semantics for an output-representation. Read the form@fix philososphy, as I reflect.

I intend research for aFiRMz as a representation-tool - for RAD/CASE. Refer also to affirmaze as a real-world representation framework.

However, in time, \Arz and \Rozie of form@fix, may resemble aFiRMz.

Any Questions?: . . (Request for Content . . . . . Report Errors . . . . . Submit Case Study . . . . . Report Content Similarity.)

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