Copyright, Referrals, etc.

For referral to any of my pages, fair representation is a must. For specific cases, please read these, too:

A fresh page is with the most recent, revised text, refreshed (up-to-date) links, and refined presentation. The area-folder (for any fresh page) is there, above most pages.

A registered page is never modified, after its registry date. Therefore, I have extra rules, to regulate referrals to a registered page - to let any reader know that it is (prrobably) an old page.

For finding a page, in any area, first visit its area-folder - whether it is a fresh, or a registered page:
area fresh @ www registered [old] @ www
I have a world-view: fresh registered
aFiRMz fresh registered
Software&CS fresh registered
copycat82 fresh registered

Note: Even when a registered-version is not kept available at www, its entry is listed (without an active-link, though). Minor revisions. I may send those minor-revision pages through e-mail, upon request - as far as I keep them. Probably they refresh a page-link, or resynch with the refined interface of the other pages of mine. If it is not the most recent page already, those are found at the next registered major-revision, any way.

Note:To read the way I publish, may let make sense of the reason for the registry, too.

A referral to a registered page (through www)

A registered page is a file, registered with a referral-id, and a RevisioNo. e.g: A referral-id of XYZ, and a RevisioNo of 07_0_2, it is the XYZ. 07_0_2.htm

First: Each referral-id is listed, on its area-folder for the registered pages. Point/hover over that referral-id, and bookmark it (or, copy the link), for later referral. (i.e: If you click at it, it reloads that page, to locate itself.)

Next:To refer to a registered page, please refer your readers to that referrable (as bookmarked), instead of directly linking to a filename such as "XYZ.13.htm." Please tell that visitor, the specific RevisioNo of the page you want them to visit, too.

DO NOT refer to an old page with its filename, directly.

The reason for this indirect-reference policy: After a page is posted, with a version number, not even a typo gets corrected within that file any more. Likewise for important corrections. Therefore, if needed, I may preface a document/file with an entry page that the reader should read before reading that old-version that needs the corrections.

Such corrections may be introduced at any time. If 5 years after being an old version, I notice a need for correction, I may introduce such a shell around that old version, and because of this, even asking for explicit permissions may not suffice, for direct-links.

Note-for-vote: I plan an alternative address-method of XYZ.R.htm, associated with each file, to include a link to referrables at the bottom of that page (such a referrables page may include page-history links, errata, and other meta-info). You may vote for this idea, if you think it is more convenient for you. Reader response, may suggest priorities. (format, is .R.htm)

Note-for-vote: For nesting errata, I consider file-renaming as an alternative. When a new shell is introduced, the older file (the original old-file, or the most-recent shell around it), gets renamed, and it is referred by the newer shell. This ensures the name, and as a result, it is directly-referrable. e.g: books.00.htm referring to referring to books.00.old.htm. This example has two steps of corrections. The books.00.old.htm is the original old-file, with a new name, of necessity. The readers, then, keep referring to the original name for it. i.e: books.00.htm

Republish Right

To publish a mirror, is to republish any page(s) of mine, elsewhere.

I let mirrors of a page, if

A mirror, the way I publish ...

As far as no page is modified (not even a single byte), it is fine to mirror, whether on-line or in intranets, or at digital libraries, to let readers with computers.

That means, to modify the page-content is forbidden, but (only) the page-links within that page may need to get modified, to refer to the non-mirrored pages - to point at where I publish those pages, i.e: prepend with

In other words, the pages ought to appear (on the computer monitor, etc.) as if it were read from where I myself publish them.

Or similarly, in other words, the user, unless looking at the address-line of the reader-software, should see nothing different than when he/she would be accessing directly where I publish them.

Free of charge

Please notice that this is not a giving-up of copyrights, in general. Indeed, the pages themselves (both on the screen, and within the meta tags of the html code) carry copyright notices. This is a permission only for the convenience to your readers, for both archival and wider availability purposes.

N.B: This permission for site-mirroring on hard disks (or CD-ROMS, etc.) does not let anyone speak in my name, or on behalf of this site.

The permission for a mirror, does not give a right for collecting money as donations, as I am also NOT collecting myself, and I am also NOT channeling to any particular person for money collection (whether through this site, or otherwise).

Publishing in media which already get paid for, may be acceptable. e.g: At digital libraries with membership fees, or on CD-ROMS distributed with magazines, etc.

any questions?

I do not intend to put further restrictions, except that you should also try to keep current with the most recent on-line versions - as long as you have access to them. Still you may ask me if you think of specific problems that may lead to exceptional revocations of this permission.

You may ask me further, if having questions. Please use the "mirr:" prefix on the subject line of your e-mail with mirroring-related questions.


To quote a portion of a page, is similar to a mirror. If its range-of-text contains any page-links, the need for a find-and-replace, or two, may again exist.

For your own pages, it is fine to republish (quote protions of) what I write, as far as the quoted-page is referenced (e.g: as a footnote), and it is represented right.

Any Questions?: . . (Request for Content . . . . . Report Errors . . . . . Submit Case Study . . . . . Report Content Similarity.)

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