For a family ...
... thought for food

A remedy for your food-contamination concerns, is the way I offer for raising food - even if your residence is far away from any farm. A family may do it, too. It only takes a little thinking - with farmaze>.

For example ...

Kid is back from football. His bones are fine, but his stomach is empty. The food, that in the morning, mom packed with him, is history.

His little sister is helping mom bake a cake. She is with the milk, eggs, etc. When momma is to request, open the milk bottle (or yoghurt) - or, taste the dough, etc.

Does daddy appear to do anything specific with food? Well, he does. Months ago, mom and dad, sometimes also consulting with the kids, had decided what crops and plants to raise - for the next season, or a few.

This is not a farmer family. Daddy is a computer programmer, and mom sometimes helps him write the documentation and designs some screens. So what crops is this? Has software advanced to that state of being edible? Not quite. Not at all, indeed.

a farm, afar ...

What they have done was, to choose from a zillion (or, more) farmaze strategies:

In a free-market model, for food, these are very easy, after a favorite-food list is ready - after weighing their in-house demand for food.

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