Public Records, Intelligence

In my system, there are no state-resident intelligence/muhaberat centers.

All records are either public, or secrets among individuals who keep them.

The utilities of public records are quite central to most, if not all, categories/clusters in this site. e.g:Representation, security, and indeed in any issue where you, as a citizen or as a potential partner, or customer, want to make an informed decision. That means essentially all the categories are relevant.

Public records not only carry past results (achievements and failures of projects and responsibilities under-taken), crimes, and current status.

Also carried are commentary by others about the particular person. In other words, if somebody tells something about you, instead of stealthy gossip, he/she should attach his/her commentary to your public record with his/her own [digital] signature.

Upon such commentary, the decision-makers would not only read the commentary (if they choose to) but also (maybe even before reading the commentary itself), may learn about that who comments, and what sort of commenting he/she has done on what sort of other people, in what contexts.

Details later, inshaAllah. This site is under construction, as you know.

Still, you may already find some pointers to the content that should be in the public records, in the category-specific discussions pages.

Holding A High Standard for Your Name and Heritage.

This section discusses holding/starting a high standard for your heritage.

A discussion of heritage is important in several cultures, including the Arabic, and the British. Our prophet Muhammed (s.a.s.) also has on occasion(s) asserted his family respectability, while noticing that it was not a self-boasting issue. ("La fakhra").

And, as a matter of fact, pages discussing the person and the heritage, will, if not readily, be an important component of my system. This does not mean a good family line of long heritage (a high standard) could not come up with dirty elements. Indeed, it is suggested both sides of my families also have some such. But, when the standard is broken by some bad-element, the rest of the family may show their standing.

Likewise, someone who has essentially no rememberable family line, or even a bad one, may work hard to keep a respectable record, and live on his/her own record, as well as growing future generations to meet that sort of respectability.

In summary, it is like comparing earning-and-collecting versus communism. It is well-established criticism against communism (and its forceful cousin, dictatorial socialism) that when people cannot collect for themselves, and cannot leave for their families, they are less willing to do any better than average, if at all.

It is true that Islam brings the further motivation of receiving the favor of Allah, even to the point discarding a reputation when the particular society is itself ill-formed. Still, it does not discard the value of holding respectable names, either, as demonstrated by our prophet Muhammed (s.a.s.)

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